27 janv. 2012


Ballade aléatoire et subjective
Promenade dans les mots de Léonard Cohen, avec lesquels j’ai joué pour les décomposer et les recomposer…
Ah, the moon's too bright, the chain's too tight, the beast won't go to sleep.
I’m turning tricks, I’m getting fixed, I’m back on Boogie Street.
Here I stand, I'm your man.
Dance me to the end of love.

You want to travel with him, and you want to travel blind, 
and you think maybe you'll trust him for he's touched your perfect body with his mind.
Like any dealer he was watching for the card that is so high and wild he'll never need to deal another.
It opens do not be afraid, it's you my love, you who are the stranger.

And what can I tell you my brother, my killer, what can I possibly say? 
I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you, I'm glad you stood in my way.
If I, if I have been unkind, I hope that you can just let it go by. 
If I, if I have been untrue I hope you know it was never to you.
When it all comes down to dust, I will kill you if I must, I will help you if I can.
When it all comes down to dust, I will help you if I must, I will kill you if I can.
Oh like a bird on the wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free.

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